A big salute to the Japanese BC Rich Fans ...

I have some questions about an old and original US Mockingbird I just bought, and I hope you guys can give me some answers ... The previous owner of this beauty told me it is a 1976 Mockingbird, but there my problem begins ... I just can't find nowhere a trace of a serialnumber (I looked under the sticker on the back of the headstock and even under the pickups ...) . Also is the BC Rich logo a little bit strange, it's original (no repairs or something else ...) Maybe you can help me out ...

Thanks already from the Netherlands

素晴らしい日本のB.C.Richファンよ!。ちょっと今買ったばかりの76年製US madeオリジナルモッキンバードについて質問してもいい?前のオーナーは76年製のモッキンバードだって言うんだけどちょっと変なんだよ。シリアルがないんだ。ヘッド裏のステッカーも剥がしてみた。 あとロゴが少し奇妙なんだよね。 リペアはしていないよ。オリジナルなんだ。どう思う?助けてくれないかい。ありがとう from オランダ。



This is NOT a B.C.Rich. This is a very old (70's) Japanese COPY (Kasuga). If you bought it as a Genuine Vintage B.C.Rich Mockingbird, you should return it to the original owner and get the money back!!!


Vintage B.C.Rich Maniacs!



でもシリアルのある場所にステッカーが。Denisson Musique だそうです。継ぎ木も変ですね。ストライプが狭いのに上にされています。



Thanks for the information. I was suprised to hear it was not a BC Rich but a Kasuga copy (I must say a real good one, Played even better than a new US Mockingbird Supreme ..) The name Kasuga is not known well in the Netherlands, is there a site where I can find more information about Kasuga guitars or my Mockingbird copy ?

情報ありがとう。いやあ、これがB.C.Richじゃなくてカスガのコピーだったなんてびっくらこいたよ!!(だけど、これほんとに良いギターだよ。現行のUS Mockingbird Supremeよりいいよ。。)カスガはオランダでは知られていないんだけど、このギターについてもっと情報のあるサイトを知らない?


Hi. Kasuga went bankruptcy for several years ago. I think there are no site about Kasuga Mockingbird models. I've never seen Kasuga's copy, I don't know the detail of this one. However, in your pictures, this is Mahogany wing model. Not Koa wood. There were no original Mockingbird for this wood combination. In general, there were several Japanese copy of B.C.Rich in late 70's to early 80's. "g" is Greco, "F" is Fernandes, "P" is Aria Pro, and "K" is Kasuga. They were very expensive as the copy in those days. The list price of B.C.Rich Mockingbird in Japan was 450,000 Yen, the copies were from 120,000 to 180,000Yen. This was very expensive in 1980 !! If you would like to see them, try to access my Japanese page. Sorry this is Japanese only. You can see the pics for more copies. They are all Japanese copies!! Sincerely,