Japanese Copy models (Copy is copy or fake?)

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As you know, there were too much Japanese copy models for Gibson and Fender. Also, there were very expensive B.C.Rich copies in '70's to early '80's. The logo is F (Fernandes), g (Greco), P (Aria Pro) and K (Kasuga ..Also they were making NJ..) The price range were from 100,000 Yen to 180,000 Yen.

I hate the Copy. I hate the Fake. I don't have them at all. But, actually, there were lots of B.C. copies for not RICH people in Japan in those days....

Currently, these "Perfect Copy" models are disappeared. This was also the history of B.C.Rich from the other side.

This is Aria Pro EG-1400. The looks a little strange for stringer. Bridge and Pickups and tuners are same as Real Rich.

Back panel and heal shapes are also strange.

Aria Pro EG-1200. Mahogany Sunburst model.

What is this? The Answer is "F".

Panel shape is very similer to Real Rich.

Wow! Eagle Special! But this is also "F"...... It may be more rare bird than Real one.

Also using Koa wood in those days. I'm not sure about the back panel shape.

This is Greco BB-1800. Almost perfect shape exept rubber legs.

Do you believe that is a Copy?


Aria Pro EG-1200

Greco Mahogany model.

Catalogs iAria Pro,Fernandes,Fernandes2j


Bellows are Kasuga Mockingbird.

Bellows are "F" BG-180


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