Restore File
Number 1 Mockingbird Tremolo 85849

Now I'm restoring Mockingbird Tremolo with Japanese repair shop. It was modified by previous owner. The Synchronized Tremolo was changed to Floyd Rose, Pick ups might be changed from 3 single coils to 2 humbackers. It's OK to heavy metal player. But it had very dirty pickguard that someone changed later. This guitar had factory original pickguard. I decided to change the pickguard to beautiful figured maple.

Woo, very ugly cavity.. It must be modified later...

Very dirty solder works..

At first, we made rough master pickguard by paper because there is no real master.

We had to change the curve to protect over routed cavity.

This is wrong pickguard that was removed from the guitar.

We made master by clear acrylic resin. Wow! very beautiful figured Maple!

Rough cutting.

2003/Feb/22. Just finished to route.



2003/Feb23. Drilling is finished. We make it thinner by sanding process. After that, it will be finished to transblack coler.

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