File No.1 Seagull-502147

The first original B.C.Rich is Seagull that was manufactured thru 1972 to 1976 as the regular line. This body shape was imagined from R logo with neck thru, deep cut away, 24 flet and control circuit.

This guitar is damaged arround of pick up selector switch. The plastic cover was not original.Snow flake inlay with binding neck.

Hand written S/N into the front pick up cabity. 6digit S/N is pre-76 specification.

Below is the comment from Richkroll.

Based on what I've seen and gotten info from the California shop Here's what I've seen. Serial #'s from about 72/73 till about 75 (Have yet to see one :of this format later that 75) the first digit is the year Exp if it's a 3 it's 73, 4 74 and 5 1975. The books say they changed the serial # scheme in 74 to the curret YYXXXX with YY the year and XXXX production #'s but I've seen real BC Rich's with the old style #'s to 1975. anyway the next 1 or 2 digits tell the month it was made and the last 3 tell the production # I know in 1974 that number rolled over. (I have a 1974 B-45 made December with a single digit production # and a 1974 B-38 made in May with a production # in the 400's) They are both made in the US The B-45 Was signed on the block by Bernie.

This pick up is modified for B.C.Rich by Guild.

There is S/N also in back side of head with old imperial tuner(this tuner is reissue model).

Narrow rod cover with old R logo. pre-83xxx serial models has the oldest R-logo. There is a small projection center of the left side.

Control Cabity. 2Vol 1Tone 1 balancer with no baritone and no booster. 2tap and 1 phase.

Very sharp shape arround of swith cover.

Original metal knob. The switches are probably original.

Bridge is changed to current Badass.

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