File No.2 Seagull-Unknown

This Seagull is like a Gibson style with no S/N.

Tuner with Gibson logo, 2 pointed rod cover and the oldest R logo. This Seagull was built in mid 70's.

There are many weather-cracking. Gibson bridge and tailpiece. Mighty Might front pick up and DiMarzio rear Dual Sound. So many parts have been changed.

This is very rare. So, the neck is 2 piece construction.

This is different shape from No.1 Seagull.

There are no S/N.


Remove the pick guard, then...

There are signed by previous owner?

Also body shape is different from No.1 Seagull.

Control Cabity. 2Vol. 2Tone. 1 phase 2 taps.

Damaged body side. Metal jack plate may be original.

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