File No.3 Seagull-507107

Seagull was born in 1972, so there are lots of variation for wood and circuit construction. This is matt finish, no pick guard, no binding. This is so rare. At least, not standard.

The head surface is also no clear coated finish. Tuner is Grover 102C. 3 pointed rod-cover.

It seems the body construction is 3 pieces mahogany, however center wood is so darkness.. Is that really mahogany?

Heal and swith cover. It's different shape with previous seagulls.

6 digits S/N with original Grover 102C tuners on the back side of head.

The orignal circuit had been modified.. I restore the circuit to all original. There is a booster, 2 taps, 1 phase. There is no varitone.

Also rear pick up had been changed, I restore to Guild from 70's S-60. I modified it to 4 sealded humbucker.

There is a damage on the body top.

Snow flake shape with diamond location.

Vintage B.C.Rich Maniacs!