File No.19 Seagull Bicentennial by Master

This is one of a kind, Seagull Bicentennial 1976. This guitar series is consist of 13 states Inlays. Each inlay model is exist only one, so there are New Hampshire, Massachusetts,Connecticut,Rhode Island,New York ,New Jersey, Pennsylvania,Delaware, Virginia ,Maryland, North Carolina,South Carolina,Georgia. This guitar is the New Hampshire model. They maybe 4 in Japan. This is ALL Jakaranda. ALL Jakaranda guitar is not available all over the world now!!

The early Eagle style control.

WOW! Extremely beautiful!!!!!

New Hampshire inlay.

No S/N on the backside of head, however this is made in '76 for special inlay. Uniq RICH logo.

Metal back panel.

Just Joking!!


Vintage B.C.Rich Maniacs!